Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life


The poster says: "Positive Mind Positive Vibes Positive Life"

A must have for anyone who wants to live a positive life. This inspirational poster will look great on any wall in your room.

The poster is designed to make you see the positive in every situation. There's always be unwanted situations in life that are outside your control but you can control your own feelings and outlook of life.

Having a positive mind will make you focus on the good, improve your attitude, limit your complaints, have amazing enthusiasms, and much more.

It also reminds you to live in the moment, which is the reason why young children and newlywed couples are filled with joy because they live in the moment, pay attention to only what's happening right now, and focus on making the closest people around them happy.

Life will be so much better if you get positive vibes from someone or something so why not radiate positive vibes to every one around you? The motivational quote on this poster reminds you to do just that every day.

The best thing is: you also attract similar minded people into your life. You'll see suddenly everything just works out for you.

The black color represents power and elegance.

This poster is a museum-quality poster made on thick, durable, print matte paper. It will make a statement in any room. Printed on archival, acid-free paper. Your poster will have a polished look.

Makes perfect gift.

Posters are available with or without frame.

Frame detail:
- Alder semi-hardwood
- Black
- 0.75" thick
- Lightweight
- Comes with hanging hardware
- Acrylite protected
- Made in USA